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Hollow tines-side eject
3/4"(19 mm)Mount
12 mm mount
8 mm Mount
18 mm Mount
Solid tines
3S solid tines
Aerator tine
Solid tine
Lapping compound
Sod cutter blade
bedknife screw
Back lapper
Hand operated aerifier
Cup setter
Hole cutter
Sand rake

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Aerating tine for toro aerator | Aerating tine for verti-drain aerator | Aerating tine for johndeere aerator | Aerating tine for ryan aerator | Aerating tine for Jacobsen aerator | Solid tine for toro aerator | Solid tine for verti-drain | Solid tine for johndeere aerator | Solid tine for ryan aerator | Solid tine for jacobsen aerator | Tumbler Bedknife for Toro mower | Tumbler Bedknife for Johndeere mower | Tumbler Bedknife for Jacobsen mower | Tumbler Bedknife for Ransomes mower | Tumbler Bedknife for Baroness mower | Tumbler Bedknife for Shibaura mower | 10lb,lapping compound | 25lb lapping compound | Sod cutter blade | Blades | 5/16“,3/8”,0.472“,1/2” mount Dia | 5/8 | 3/16 | 0.472,5/8 | 3S soid tines for turf aerators | Spoon close tine |

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Certificate of Invention Patent | Exhibition Show | Testing-3S solid tine | 3S solid tine won the national patent certificate | 3S solid tines for lawn aerating with perfect results | With the subversion of the traditional method using the mower bedknife is developed successfully |